Missing Lines; Help Bring Poetry Home

It was a tough weekend in Otago.  Fourteen of the twenty-six lines of verse are missing from their perches in the trees at the Otago Museum Reserve.  While we admire those who might want some poetry art to take home, we are a bit saddened that those lines will be missing from the short gig of the Wild Lines Exhibit.  If you have any ideas of where the lines have wandered or gotten off to, please let us know.  No questions asked.  Verse amnesty promised.

Plus, special offer that if you return a Wild Line to rehang it within the next twenty fours, we will let you have that line for FREE after the exhibit.  Wow, that is a poetry deal.

If you haven’t yet gotten to the exhibit, get down there soon while some of the lines are still hanging around.  And go see Loveday dance at her Butoh performance with Joan March 19th and 20th at 8 p.m. at the Community Gallery in Dunedin.  More info at the Fringe site….peace and rain


About David KH

A citizen of Cascadia, I am interested in what triggers us into joy and especially how art and literature do such triggering. I am a writer of poetry and fiction, and an artist--and have enjoyed a varied and engaging career in education and non-profits in the greater Seattle area. May this blog help you connect with amazing ways artists and writers are engaging creatively with poetry and literature today. And also, help you discover your own triggers of joy.
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