Wild Lines Invade the Otago Museum Reserve

What:               A Poetry Art Installation hanging from the trees

Where:             Otago Museum Reserve, 419 Great King Street, Dunedin

When:              NOW through March 24, 2013 as part of Dunedin Fringe Festival

The Wild Lines are Up!  The Wild Lines are Up!

Wild Lines of poetry are now hanging from the trees in the Otago Museum Reserve in an installation that is part of the upcoming Dunedin Fringe Festival 2013.  Poet artists Loveday Why and David Kelly-Hedrick have gathered 26 startling lines from 13 New Zealand and 13 international poets for this unique artwork.  The lines have been hand routered on pieces of salvaged board and suspended from trunks and branches for the reading enjoyment of visitors and residents alike.

Take a walk in front of the main entrance to the Otago Museum and look up in the branches of the trees.

Be the simple thing you are meant to be.  (DJ Tema)


The sparrow arrives with the package.  (Cy Matthews)


Softly, calmly, immensity taps at your life. (Jane Hirshfield)


Afakasi flags awaken Kiwis – agile sine qua non inter-islanders.

(Selina Tusitala Marsh)


This installation has been designed so that you, the visitor, can create your own poem from the single lines hanging in the trees depending on the direction in which you walk, where you begin, where you choose to break off. It suggests that poetry is organic, evolving, every day different and also just here, breathing, sharing the world with us.


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